Jane West + Grav = A Match Made in AMAZING

Jane West + Grav = A Match Made in AMAZING

Posted by Jenny Oh, Marketing Director on Feb 17th 2017

jane west head shotWho is Jane West you ask?

She's an icon. An activist. A woman. Mother. Daughter. Designer. & the most widely recognized female personality in the cannabis industry. She believes women will fuel the market by buying wellness products to replace prescription anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants and sleep aids. 

Grav Labs, founded in 2004 down the road from Windship Trading HQ in Austin, TX, has remained an industry leader in the design, innovation, and development of high quality, functional glass pipes and accessories. They are well known in the high end glass industry for Helix, Stax, Upline & Gravitron. 

So when the two met of course something magical happened. And thus the Jane West collection for Grav Labs was born. If you haven't seen bubblers, steamrollers, and more that she designed with Grav--   you should check them out in our catalog right now. They're certain to look gorgeous on your store's shelf and sell out quickly. 

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Learn more about Jane on her website:  janewest.com