Jane West + Grav Labs

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    Onesie Size Fits All The Taster is Jane West’s signature one-hitter. Ideal for getting one good hit of your preferred herb this piece is travel sized and fits easily into your pocket or bag. A one-piece tube made of durable borosilicate...

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    Precision Built Delicate angles and pristine crafting elevate this spoon to luxury status. The Spoon is a sleek and succinct take on the instantly familiar spoon pipe. The hand-held piece is conveniently sized for all occasions, with an ergonomic...

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  • Jane West™ + Grav Labs Steamroller

    A Peaceful Experience The Steamroller is a contemporary, one-piece take on an iconic pipe design. This inspired steamroller is a lovely method of quickly delivering delicious hits to your lips. With perfectly placed finger rests, the Steamroller feels...

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  • Jane West™ + Grav Labs Bubbler

    Jane West™ + Grav Labs Bubbler

    Bold and Beautiful The Bubbler is a streamlined take on the classic upright, handheld water pipe. If you want to enjoy smooth filtration like a bong but without the size and heaviness then this piece is a dream come true. The Bubbler’s elegant...

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